Welcome to the Wholistic Wizards where to find the Wholistic Box

7 to 11 items all tied to the magical world of HP for fans from all over the world to dive into. Diverse and immersive collectables, never-seen-before quality vintage materials
for all occasions or just for your own collection, your passion, your fun.


The Society of Wholistic Wizards is the only place to present you the Wholistic Box, you can back us now!

As soon as possible, we will also make available the Wholistic Box without subscription and object at retail. Since the magical world of Harry Potter can be applied to all events of our lives, you will find everything you need for wedding, graduation, birthday party and fiesta between friends.

Please make note that the freebies page will always host wallpapers and avatars for social media share under creative commons.

Let's make it clear: we are not affiliated with Warner Bros. and/or JK Rowling. We are fans and we create respectfully. However, this does not prevent us from adding objects of the official license to the contents of our box :)

Our goal is simply to support our common passion, the Potterverse (all the magical schools, other magical ministry, etc.) :) Let's note that without the books we would never have met ;) Even if the saga is over, whether you read the books again or not, never forget to be curious and read more and more.

We share 1% of revenue from each box of our profits with associations such as Médecins Sans Frontières.

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  • the real way to enter Platform 9 3/4 is to read, read and read again, and the best is between the lines.

    Wholistic Wizards
  • Of course this is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?

    Albus Dumbledore


Q: What is the Wholistic Box?
A: It is a bi-monthly box of props, goodies and stationery relating to the Wizarding World. You receive between 7 (minimum) and 11 (maximum) objects handcrafted and professionally printed.

Q: How does the Wholistic Box work?
A: You receive 1 box every 2 months. You can choose from 1 box at 33€ every two months, 3 boxes at 88€ for 6 months or 6 boxes (+1 free box) at 177€ for a year.
Shipping is not included.

Q: How does billing work?
A: Re-billing occurs every 2 months on the same day you originally signed up. (example: signed up on the 8th of the month, you will be recharged on the 8th every 2 months)

Q: Where do you ship?
A: International shipping. Like owls, we'll find you wherever you are :)

Q: Can I cancel my subscription?
A: Absolutely but we will be sad to see you go :(

Q: How can I contact you?
A: We are on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can also email us.

Wholistic Wizards Website


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